Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a Brave New World out there, so where are you?

Here we are, 2011, and Internet sustainability is a reality. The realm that porn, fringe groups, kooks and conspiracy theorists pioneered is now legit. Companies now have Facebook pages and people are gaining employment and losing those gains just as fast because of their electronic communications. All this, and I'm just now getting around to rolling out a blog. And, if that weren't sad enough--it's some freebie through C'mon man--get with it. Well, one thing is for sure, better to be late than never, to have something rather than nothing.

Yes, in these days of on-the-go technology, multi-tasking and connectivity, the only thing I'm really thankful for...Mrs. Blackmon's keyboarding class back in...oh well, lets just say that print ribbons were involved and basic paper feeding technology (hands) per page was required.

So here it is, my virtual place in this virtual world that is meshing in more ways, entwining and entangling more people in more ways every day. The initial virtual land grab may have taken place waaaaay back in 1999-2002, but at least I am finally taking advantage of my equal opportunity to my electronic piece of space and freedom. Now, onto grappling with the fact that in this particular space and time with the new reality that comes with this Brave New World is the probability that these electrons will be fluttering and spinning longer than those in the fingers Mrs. Blackmon taught so many years ago.

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