Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Books and content are going to zero, NOVELS FOR FREE!

Judge applies the breaks to Google Books

That's right, the notion of content going to zero seems to be a growing thought and general comment thrown around a lot of the message boards and blogs I currently frequent (as if the 99 cent novel wasn't cheap enough). A recent federal judge ruling out of the district court of Manhattan only makes this whole notion all the more questionable.

How the initial concept that all content will be free even got started is a bit of a puzzle to me, but it's out there. I have to constantly remind myself that there are still people that think the whole moon landing was faked. 

It seems that the all-powerful and "benevolent" forces of Google have been thwarted in their efforts to catalog and make available all the known books in the universe. Google will have to revise its pact, making the positive action "opt in" rather than "opt out". It's good to see that, at least for the time being, copyrighted content and material has been elevated above the level of telemarketing advances (US national Do Not Call List is "opt out" situation).

Gasp, the hive collective will have to wait for its collective intelligence upgrade. Individuals will have to continue thinking on their own and for themselves on a daily basis. Tools other than the Internet (your brain) will still have to be used for the time being.  

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