Monday, March 14, 2011

So, Social Media?

Since crawling out from under my rock and starting this blog (as I also try to keep my "real" writing moving forward) I've noticed a hot question regarding what all the technology, Internet and their nexus--social media, REALLY means to us. So, what does it really mean or do for the average Joe? I came across an interesting Webby Debate on Youtube regarding the question:

No doubt there is a certain level of what-does-all-this-mean going on here, hence this blog post, but it seems that even the current social media "winners" don't fully get it. Dig a bit deeper and I think a wider revelation becomes apparent. We, as users of social media, are really assessing what all the individual technologies mean to us and going with what feels most comfortable and right to us. So what? Well, sit back a moment and really think about it and the unfolding media Balkanization that is underway becomes clear. Say what? Think about this in terms of The Hoff (David Hasselhoff) and his running gag, "but I'm big in Germany". Well, that's what is in play right now. The -- "I'm big on the Internet". Mix this with a healthy dose of the reality television crowd "celebrity for celebrity's sake" and you've got yourself a paradigm in shift. Social media is a frontier that is pushing into a new direction with its own pioneers slowly answering its call. Some will be rewarded in real economic terms while a great many will remain the wanna-be's. The issue; you've still got to do something and not just be someone, even if it's just the Internet.

Full length video:

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